professional window tint and window film installation training workshops

We offer our regular and new customers periodic training courses, workshops and demonstrations, raising their qualifications and skills in film installation, choosing a film for a given project, we teach how to use the appropriate tools and cleaning products, facilitating and reducing the film installation time.

During the training courses the thing that is most important to us is focusing on the details, on finishing the film installation – because an aesthetic finish of the film edges, correct removal of water or air from under the film and cutting the film straight show the professionalism of the installation team.

szkolenia z przyciemniania szyb
szkolenia z montażu folii

We also train on how to reach new customers and present the advantages of film.

We offer continuous technical support in the installation of film types, which are offered by FOLIGGO:

  • window tinting films
  • sun-protective films
  • safety films and security films
  • matte films and decorative films

We would like to invite customers from all over Europe.

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