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Yes! In every country you can learn how to correctly install film on car windows in the appropriate Office, Ministry of Transport. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein it is required to have film with a laser stamp with a German ABG certificate. You should have at least one certificate number on each window allowed to be covered by film. Each customer also receives a booklet with the film certificate.

NO! Not on all windows. You can tint all windows which are 180 degrees from the driver’s field of view to the rear.
Whereas, front side windows can only be tinted up to 30%, and currently most new cars have a slight 30% window tint installed in the factory, which is also why sticking even transparent film will mean exceeding the allowed tint percentage.

No, our Foliggo films have a special acrylic anti-scratch layer (HC – hard coating).

Car films do not have a negative effect on rear window heating.

Yes! Just imagine that in a conservatory, when it is around 20-25 degrees Celsius outside, the temperature inside this type of room can be as much as 30-40 degrees. If we use the appropriate Foliggo sun-protective film, we can reduce the amount of heat from the sun coming in through the panes, depending on the chosen film type, by up to 80%.

Window films, Foliggo sun-protective films reduce the sun’s radiant energy, coming in through the window panes, meaning you can reduce overheating of rooms and significantly reduce light reflections (reduction of glare, the blinding effect of the sun). Additionally, our Foliggo films block up to 99% of UV rays, which are responsible for 60% of the damage of materials, fabric, upholstery fabrics or simply cause colour fading. You can say that Foliggo sun-protective films give us a new, better comfort of life in the home and office.

Before you choose the appropriate film you need to ask yourself what the main problem is – is it anti-burglary protection, or is it too warm, is the sun blinding you, is someone looking in through the window, do you need some privacy in the room, or do you need to give your car windows or panes a different character, and consequently the entire exterior of the building. Further questions are whether the windows are new or several years old, is there argon between the panes, are the panes made of low-emission glass, are they coloured, do they have two or more window panes, what are the window frames made of – PVC, aluminium or wood?

Please rest assured that Foliggo sun-protective films cause only a slight slowdown of plant growth, the reduction of thermal shock during heat, on the other hand, is a very positive aspect for the plants. They do not overdry so strongly. In the wintertime, on the other hand, sun-protective films add a radiant barrier, which has a positive influence on plants – they do not freeze.

Matte films or milk glass films, also referred to as sanded glass or frosted glass, optically diffuse the image, restrict looking into rooms, give privacy in places such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, restrooms, changing rooms or protect goods in warehouses against the eyes of thieves.

Foliggo safety films or security films called SFX 4, with a thickness of 140 microns, prevent glass from scattering when a pane is broken. Safety films are essential in institutional rooms, schools, food processing plants, where the HACCP standard is obligatory, but also in houses, apartments they prevent injuries, especially of small children. The safety film, despite the pane breaking (we cannot eliminate mechanical stress on the pane), holds the pieces of glass together. In food production it is important that not even the smallest piece of glass gets into the produced and packaged food – the safety of consumers eating food products is at stake. Safety films, protective films are ideal for protecting glass surfaces against such a threat.

A pane with the SFX 8 anti-burglary film, with a thickness of 260 microns, SFX 10 film, with a thickness of 300 microns, or SFX 12 film, with a thickness of 360 microns, is a very hard to force barrier. Getting inside, even with the use of a hammer or axe, is made significantly harder, and the pieces of broken glass with the cut film that fall inside can quickly start off the alarm in the room. Anti-burglary films are installed in banks, shops, bureaus, offices, warehouses, and of course in houses, that is everywhere, where the protection of property is needed or where there is a high risk of a break-in. After the installation of anti-burglary films, most insurance companies give discounts on the break-in insurance premium.

“One-way mirror” films or in other words a two-way mirror are films installed on a pane that allow you to see through it from one side, but not vice-versa. We have all seen a police station during examination in a movie. Policemen with the witness look at the suspects standing behind the pane with a one-way mirror. The suspects do not see the witness, the witness, on the other hand, sees them very well and can recognize the criminal. We have in our offer such unique films called M 05 S/B, M 10 S/G, M 20 S/B or an external film M 10 S/G +X which also restricts looking inside even when both sides are evenly lit.

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