sun protection films used for heat reduction on polycarbonate skylights in production halls and warehouses.

specjalne folie na świetliki dachowe

Foliggo films for polycarbonate skylights

These special films designed for use on polycarbonate are applied to reduce the sunlight in production halls and warehouses. The films are installed on the exterior by simply covering the polycarbonate skylights. A reduction up to 80% of the solar energy (solar heat) is obtained.

folia na wyłazy na dachu hali - FOLIGGO

Types of FOLIGGO films for use on polycarbonate

SOLAR WHITE +X – a special sun protection film in white colour finish designed for use on polycarbonate, the film perfectly adjusts itself to the shape of the skylight and the transverse lamellae on the polycarbonate, it contains a special adhesive that does not react with polycarbonate and does not aerate (it will not cause any air bubbles). The film is 1,22m in width, the roll length is 50m. It may be used both on new and old skylights, the material is very flexible and can be also used on roof hatches as well as polycarbonate skylight domes

POLY 20 +X – a sun protection film with a silver mirror and a specially designed film structure The dilatability of the film is comparable to polycarbonate, thus minimizing the occurrence of air bubbles. It is characterised by a very good sunlight reflection level – 80% reduction of solar heat !!!. These films are used on new carbonate skylights, where the polycarbonate wear has not yet occurred, causing micro holes in the material. The size of the film roll is 1,524 m x 31 m