8 January 2017

How does the Foliggo anti-burglary window film work?

A pane with the SFX 8 anti-burglary film, with a thickness of 260 microns, SFX 10 film, with a thickness of 300 microns, or SFX 12 film, with a thickness of 360 microns, is a very hard to force barrier. Getting inside, even with the use of a hammer or axe, is made significantly harder, and the pieces of broken glass with the cut film that fall inside can quickly start off the alarm in the room.

Anti-burglary films are installed in banks, shops, bureaus, offices, warehouses, and of course in houses, that is everywhere, where the protection of property is needed or where there is a high risk of a break-in. After the installation of anti-burglary films, most insurance companies give discounts on the break-in insurance premium.


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